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Plan B Pill Dangers The potent Plan B birth control pill today looms as a potential nightmare for women because of health risks. Couples who are therefore tired of artificial birth control are invited to try Natural Family Planning.

New Video Married couples speak about the practical, relational, and spiritual benefits of Natural Family Planning in a new video.

Another birth control pill risk: Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that human breast cancer cells grew twice as fast when exposed to estrogen taken from catfish caught near untreated sewage overflows.

One More Soul is a site that discusses all forms of family planning and teen abstinence in detail.

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Natural Family Planning Health Information

Natural Family Planning is safe, healthy, and inexpensive

Natural Family Planning does nothing to chemically alter a woman's natural cycle and it makes use of no invasive or prophylactic measures such as IUDs, diaphragms, condoms, and spermicides to interfere with a woman’s fertility. There is no cost to NFP except a meager fee for classes, a basal thermometer, and charts. Mucus-only NFP users pay only for charts. Compare this to the cost of pills, condoms, diaphragms, injections, doctor visits, treatment for side effects, chemicals, and implants, and the cost difference is obvious.

NFP contributes to the health and welfare of the marriage

Unlike contraception, which acts as an inhibitor of one's natural fertility, NFP keeps it intact and works within it. In this way it is not a rejection of the gifts that husband and wife have to offer each other. The marital embrace is a complete gift of self to one’s spouse—nothing is held back. Yet these gifts are not reducible to a sharing in the physiological aspects of fertility. The marital act is a visible sign of the reality that two have become one; that in the covenant of marriage each spouse belongs fully to the other--nothing is held back. In the act of making love, spouses say with their bodies what they intend with their hearts. If fertility is withheld, this covenant expression is weakened if not wholly disintegrated. It becomes a conspicuous reservation in which, in keeping with the expression "actions speak louder than words," spouses say, "you can have all of me except my power to give life." It is not hard to understand why many married people feel used, even betrayed, by contraceptive sex; for implicit in this mutual withholding of self is a mutual rejection. Sex that does not accept the fullness of the other can easily become self-directed, reducing sex to a matter of self-indulgence and physical gratification, so much so that it becomes a wedge instead of a bond. Perhaps this is why divorce rates for NFP users are between 1/10 and 1/25 of the overall divorce rate in the United States in the 90s.4 Indeed, a study conducted by the Family of Americas Foundation found only 16 women ever divorced among 505 NFP users, a rate of 3.6%!